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Vehicle Tires

The Natural Energy Solution uses a proprietary, patented process called Gas Phase Reduction (”GPR”).  This is a highly effective, non-incineration method that converts all organic waste within the tire.  The GPR technology converts all aspects of the tires to either a methane product gas or the steel and carbon black components, which are 100% recovered for recycling.  The technology operates within a closed system with no stack or chimney. 

  • All process effluent streams are contained and analyzed to ensure that no hazardous compounds are released into the environment.

The residual material, which is comprised mostly of crystallized silica and traces of elemental carbon, is expected to be sold to the construction products industry.  The benefits include:

  • GPR can process all tires, whereas current incineration technology generally can only process relatively new, clean and dry tires.
  • GPR can easily process old, dirty and wet tires direct from storage.
  • The current level of accumulation of scrap tires, which is estimated to be ‘one tire per person per year’ in North America, could be significantly reduced through the use of GPR technology.
  • The current high risk of tire fires could be significantly reduced through the use of GPR technology.

GPR does not produce dioxins that normally contaminate the soil and groundwater with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAHs) and oil.

  • No pathogens or toxic chemicals remain.
  • GPR does not produce toxic emissions including dioxins and furans as does the combustion of scrap tires.

The potential to convert scrap tires to vehicle fuel – biodiesel, has the ability to become a national program for positive, environmental change.