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Sewage Sludge (Biosolids)

The Natural Energy Solution uses a proprietary, patented process called Gas Phase Reduction (”GPR”).  This is a highly effective, non-incineration method that converts all sewage sludge/biosolids into a methane product gas.

A standalone GPR processing plant solely for biosolids can be built and at scale will be a highly desirable asset. The most efficient business model is to include the processing of biosolids with traditional Municipal Solid Waste (“MSW”). The standalone GPR processing plant for biosolids would ideally be built at an existing waste water treatment plant. The GPR processing plant would take the biosolids directly from the WWT plant, after the material was centrifuged.

  • The ideal moisture content level would be between 30% and 45%.
  • This level of moisture content can be achieved in the latest centrifuge technology equipment.

There are almost zero emissions.  There is no odour, as the biosolids feedstock is processed within a controlled environment.  The residual material, which is comprised mostly of crystallized silica and traces of elemental carbon, is expected to be sold to the construction products industry.

  • However, if not, the residual material can be placed in the landfill site without any adverse affects on the environment, as the material is inert.

As part of the process, all hazardous components in the biosolids are completely destroyed.  At the end of the GPR process, there are not traces of biosolids left.  The long term benefits include:

  • No biosolids are sent in any form either for landfill disposal or for use in land applications.