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Industry Applications

The Natural Energy Solution uses a proprietary, patented process called Gas Phase Reduction (”GPR”).  This is a highly effective, non-incineration method for the conversion of all kinds of organic materials, including all organic waste, into a methane product gas.

One of the main benefits of the GPR process over the competition is that all types of organic feedstock can be blended into one input stream for processing within the same plant.  The feedstock can be a solid or a liquid.  The feedstock composition can change throughout the day without adversely affecting the production and the volume output of the methane product gas.  There are some exceptions of course, but these are very few and the impact on the volume output of the methane product gas is minimal.

In that there is no incineration or oxidation in the GPR process, there is no stack or chimney.  The GPR process uses heat, hydrogen and a catalyst within a ‘closed loop’ hydrogen environment.  As such, there are almost zero emissions.  The residual material is comprised mostly of crystallized silica with some elemental carbon and it is inert.  Any water that is discharged meets the World Health Organization’s standards for grey water.

The GPR process also completely destroys all toxins, dioxins and all other organic chemical compounds as part of the standard process.  This benefit is unique to the Natural Energy Solution.

All GPR process applications dealing with non-hazardous organic materials generate large volumes of methane product gas that is of a very high quality and energy value.  This energy product has the ability to generate a very significant revenue stream for the facility.  The processing of hazardous organic material requires more of the generated energy to ‘reduce’ this material to an inert material with no remaining hazardous components and as such, does not in itself generate excess energy that can be sold.