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The current, Generation II, Gas Phase Reduction (“GPR”) technology is the result of almost twenty years of development beginning with a non-incineration process that destroyed hazardous organic waste and produced a clean burning fuel comprised primarily of methane and hydrogen.

The GPR technology was initially developed to provide a truly, environmentally friendly solution for the complete destruction of hazardous chemical waste without using incineration or any type of combustion.  The use of chemistry was the key to developing a technology that would destroy the waste with almost zero emissions to the environment.

The first patent on the Generation I - GPR technology was granted in 1991 and over the subsequent twelve years the original company went on to build and operate several, commercial scale hazardous waste destruction plants for customer including; The Government of Australia; General Motors of Canada; Nippon Sharyo in Japan; and a pilot - demonstration plant for the US Army.

Following the experience gained with the 'destruction' application, work began to expand the use of GPR technology to meet the growing demand for alternative energy production using non-hazardous organic materials and the development of a 'conversion' application strategy began.

The result of this work produced the Generation II - GPR process with the focus on 'converting' traditional organic waste products to a clean, high energy value methane product gas.  As part of this process, the original use of the GPR technology in the destruction of hazardous waste was retained, giving the new GPR process the unique benefit of not only converting the traditional waste into clean energy, but also destroying all of the hazardous organic components within the waste at the same time and at no additional cost.

The ability of GPR to process a blend of various organic materials, the composition of which can be changed without shutting down the plant, combined with fact that the process operates under normal pressure at modest temperatures and has no smoke stack, makes GPR a very unique solution, as the impact on the environment is very minimal.