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General Motors

The USEPA created a report through their Cincinnati lab and this then became the record of verification to match vendor claims as to efficacy. This was laborious and time consuming, but ultimately gave Eco Logic the USEPA “gold seal” of approval. As part of this process Eco Logic contacted key personnel within General Motors as they were on the target list as a major PCB owner and had been linked to the Middlegrounds landfill.

In 1994 Eco Logic was awarded the contract to build a plant for General Motors in St. Catharine’s, Ontario Canada.

The General Motors project involved the on site destruction of PCB wastes and PCB contaminated equipment located at their engine foundry in St. Catharines, Ontario. PCB wastes from the city of St. Catharines were also treated. During this project Eco Logic demonstrated the various “front-end” equipment required for the processing of soils and of bulk electrical equipment.