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Bay City Middlegrounds Landfill

In 1992, the first PCB project was set up in the state of Michigan and focused on the remediation of the Bay City Middlegrounds landfill. Eco Logic had established a relationship with the city of Bay City by identifying the presence of PCBs in the landfill and providing toxicological assessment of the associated risks. The landfill project was eventually registered as a Superfund Site by the city with the USEPA as a major contributor for the project.

The city applied to the USEPA for the use of the GPR technology as part of their Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation (SITE) program. Over the course of several months it culminated in Eco Logic operating the Demonstration Plant on site and producing a data set as to the performance of the technology. This was an intensive process as it required public and regulatory consultation as well as the support of the City of Bay City, the local Congressman, the State Senator, The State regulators and the federal regulators to take place.