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Agricultural & Biomass Waste

The Natural Energy Solution uses a proprietary, patented process called Gas Phase Reduction (”GPR”).  This is a highly effective, non-incineration method that converts all organic waste associated with the agricultural industry.

GPR technology can provide an exceedingly effective solution for all biomass materials including:

  • Wood waste & wood chips & bark of all types.
  • Scrap railway ties & utility poles.
  • Pulp mill waste.
  • Saw dust.

The conversion of biomass is highly efficient with less than 5% of the original mass remaining as inert residual material.  GPR can also process all of the organic waste products emanating from the animal sector of the industry:

  • Animal sewage waste.
  • Rendering waste.

GPR is able to accept the product directly from the stockpile without concern about the moisture content or the presence of other non-biomass materials.  GPR would process the agricultural material with next to zero emissions unlike the competition where current primary and secondary methods based on incineration produce tremendous greenhouse gas emissions.  GPR does not produce tar, nor does the conversion of the feedstock into the methane product gas produce corrosive materials of concern to the equipment.  The residual material, which is comprised mostly of crystallized silica and traces of elemental carbon, is expected to be sold to the construction products industry.

  • However, if not, the residual material can be placed in the landfill site without any adverse affects on the environment, as the material is inert.

The long term benefits include:

  • The reduction of the large inventories of wood and pulp mill waste in decay would result in significant reductions in methane and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which occur on a daily basis.
  • The potential to create value in the harvesting of waste wood products in the environment, with the added benefit of reducing the number of forest fires.